About Us - Our Mission Statement

This in essence characterizes the belief we all have concerning responsibility.
If we are to grow together we must be held accountable and responsible for our actions.

No one else controls our destiny except us.
Therefore, we must act responsibly by promoting and positively impacting the growth of our communities.

To be a member of our group means to accept a large responsibility.
We are strictly a business-oriented group whose main focus is the economic impact and growth of our communities.

We also believe in creating jobs and serving individuals within our communities.

Odyssey Executive Team Members

Sam Foster
Executive Director
Tika Wilson
Executive Director - Tennessee
Phillip Reece
Director Outreach Program
Shonta Lee
VP Women of Power
Shannon Foster
Executive Secretary
Renee Jamison
Mike Thomas
Chairman Advisory Board
Ted Barnes
Music Director
Ann P. Reid
Community Affairs - Cobb County
Bonita Bright
Director of Development
Cherrie Garden - Marketing Director Daryl-Sherryl Mann - Advisory Board
Fateme Whyatt - Executive Director - Alabama Fred Smith - Vice chairman Advisory Board Joy Carter - Legal Advisor
Katrina Looney-Jones Advisory Board Member Lalia Alzerma  - Accounting Manager Marcy McQueen - Assistant Executive Secretary
Lydia Norman - President OWOP Ericka Simms - Youth Director Simone Branham - Fashion Entertainment Director
Yolonda Holloway
Director: Southern Territory
Thanks for your membership in advance and please come out and support us on our journey towards improving not only our community but the surrounding communities as well.
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